Carbon Zero Institute of Trinidad & Tobago (CZITT)

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The Carbon Zero Initiative of Trinidad and Tobago (CZITT, pronounced as Seize it!)

A non-profit organisation dedicated to the singular purpose of Trinidad & Tobago becoming a Carbon Neutral country through research, promotions, engagement with stakeholders, advocacy, development of projects, support for initiatives which contribute to reducing greenhouse gases, and certifying of carbon offsets


Trinidad & Tobago is a Carbon Neutral country and a leader in sustainable practices


1.     To conduct research and studies into appropriate activities for reduction of greenhouse gases

2.     To create awareness and support awareness driving action 

3.     To support best practices in energy efficiency, water conservation and waste reduction/recycling

4.     To foster the creation of carbon offsets

5.     To measure CZITT’s activities and national progress in carbon reduction

Focus areas

  1. Research
  2. Advocacy
  3. Public Affairs
  4. Programme development
  5. Networking and collaboration
  6. Energy Management systems
  7. Events


  1. Inventory of carbon emissions
  2. Best practice in CO2 reductions
  3. Public awareness campaign
  4. Recognition for initiatives that contribute to carbon reduction

Our Projects

Project Zero: School Carbon Neutral Initiative

Project Zero Objectives are to

a)     Create awareness of the need for action on climate change at the personal level

b)     Reduce greenhouse gas emissions generated through the activities of the schools. This is accomplished through behaviour change, energy efficiency improvements, reducing waste, installing solar power and creating carbon offsets

c)     Influence the school’s community to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to create carbon offsets

d)     Prepare a generation for action and leadership in reducing the effects of climate change

Presentation College San Fernando Carbon Neutral Project

Presentation College is located in the City of San Fernando in Trinidad. The College is well known for producing leaders in several realms, including our current President, two former Prime Ministers, academics, business leaders, and musicians. The school has pledged to become carbon neutral.  Presentation’s Project Zero has these objectives:

1. Achieve Carbon Neutral Status. 

2. Take the lead in creating awareness and promoting reduction in greenhouse gases. 

3. Write the manual on sustainable living in The Caribbean. 

4. Foster the next generation of leaders in combating climate change


Carbon neutral, also called carbon neutrality is a term used to describe the action of organizations, businesses and individuals taking action to remove as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as each put into it. The overall goal of carbon neutrality is to achieve a zero carbon footprint.

For more information please call +868-679-7439 or email [email protected]

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