Environmental Services

We have innovative solutions for treatment of waste - domestic and from industrial operations. We supply spent catalyst redovery services, engineered wetlands and biological sewerage treatment systems. 

We partner with world leading experts in Engineered Wetland systems for biological remediation and treatment of contaminated waste and wastewaters. Systems include: hydrocarbon contaminated waste treatment, ammonia/nitrogen wastewater treatment, landfill leachate and sewage, among others.

Our partners support with technical expertise, project management, quality assurance and proprietary technology. ENMAN will provide customer support, labour supervision, nursery services, operational services, local office and other local supports. 

Together the parties bring a dynamic team, with local content, and world leading experts to assure the best overall solution for projects and clients in Trinidad & Tobago. 

BMS na serves the waste treatment system market with its Blivet Sewage Treatment System, an all-in-one product that can be used in permanent or mobile applications.

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