Power & Petrochemical Industry Solutions

ENMAN has a rich history of service provision for the power industry and is able to support every part of its operations: Power Generation studies, System Protection, Meter upgrades, Pole/Line construction, inspection and maintenance, Fibre optic supply and installation, SCADA/Smart Grid implementation, Substation design, construction and maintenance. We supply High Voltage Circuit Breakers,  Auto Reclosers and an innovative motorised isolator mechanism. We also provide services such as pole/line inspections and maintenance, fibre optic systems, meter upgrades, studies and training. We also offer Solar Power solutions.

Our Petrochemical services include process plant Engineering, Electrical/Instrumentation/Control, Maintenance and Failure Analysis services.


Project Development & Management

Electrical and Mechanical Consulting

Electrical & Instrumentation Design, Build, Maintain

SCADA/DCS/PLC/Fibre Optics/Factory Automation

Energy Management, Energy Efficiency Studies

Diving Services

HV/MV/LV equipment & material

Gas/Vacuum Switchgear/Breakers, Auto Reclosers

Solar Energy systems


Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc. (MEPPI) is a leading U.S. supplier of equipment, systems, and services to utilities and industrials in the U.S. and overseas. MEPPI supplies electrical and electronic products and services such as gas circuit breakers, vacuum circuit breakers, generators, gas insulated substations, large power transformers, lightning arresters, power electronic systems for electrical transmission and distribution, power systems studies, industrial drive and control systems, uninterruptible power supplies and Diamond Vision video display screens.

EHT International was established in 2004 with a mandate to develop an improved controller for motorized cabinets used by disconnect switches. With its variable speed control ICOD reduced the arc time.  By reducing the arc time exposure to harmful harmonics is reduced thus increasing the life of the adjacent equipment. EHT produces a complete monitoring solution for disconnect switches housed in a motorised cabinet. iMCC Brochure.

ERA Technology works at the leading edge of advanced technology consultancy and design. The business was founded in 1920 and today provides specialist, high value-added, technology-based services including design and development, testing, assessment and expert advice. ERA Technology in association with ENMAN has provided services in Protection Coordination, Cable Inspections and Electrical/Mechanical Failure Analysis.

AEE Solar provides everything needed to design, install, upgrade and maintain renewable energy power systems. We sell solar, wind and micro-hydroelectric systems and equipment, including hard-to-find parts nobody else carries. We continually search the world over to bring our customers items and prices that no other distributor can match. 



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