Our Solutions


We provide solutions for the Power Industry, from Generation to Transmission and Distribution, including high voltage circuit breakers, motorised isolators, auto reclosers and EPC services. 

We also support Petrochemical Plants through energy efficiency projects, electrical/instrument services and product supply

Innovative solutions for treatment of waste - domestic and from industrial operations. We supply spent catalyst redovery services, engineered wetlands and biological sewerage treatment systems. 

Our suite of Classroom Technology includes Interactive Whiteboards, Short Throw Projectors, Integrated Audio, Student Response Systems, Teaching software and School Management Software.

The Group operates five outdoor electronic billboards strategically positioned in high traffic areas around Trinidad. We display public service information including missing persons and health and nutrition information. The Billboards present an excellent opportunity for advertising. We also supply and install outdoor signage.

We supply Indoor Digital Signage, for offices, shopping malls, hospitals and schools

We also manage a network of 50 computers and screens through our Healthy Trinbago network. We produce and display content in Health, Wellness and Family Life. A Charitable undertaking, we depend on sponsors and advertisers for funding.

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